Making Room: In the Humblest Parts of our Being



by Emily Gibson

We pay no attention to the strangers  who may be waiting patiently outside the back door of our lives, a place inhospitable and cold and dank. They knock tentatively,  unsure of their welcome, nearly certain they will be chased away, but with no other options.

These travelers don’t seek an invitation to come in the front door, with fancy meals and feather beds and fresh flowers on the cupboard.

Yet who among us would invite special company to stay in our barn?  (to be honest, I have – years ago we had a family of eight sleeping one early spring night in our hay barn!)

It is indeed the dark and manure strewn parts of our lives where Jesus is needed most. That is where He was born to dwell, and that is where He remains, in the humblest parts of our beings, the parts we do not want to show off, and indeed, most often want to hide.

There is always plenty of room there.


Room for Christ


by Jack Newton


A room for Jesus?
Space for The Messiah?
Busy, Crowded, First things First,
Just a minute, late, I will have time after I get this, thesethat, done.
Tomorrow?…. Sunday for sure!!
Then some room will open up…yes, then there will be room?
Certainly then….soon


I just finished a novel by the Thoenes. It was titled The Fifth Seal. The book was a fictional account of Mary and Joseph in Nazareth, then in Bethlehem.

As a child in Mary’s womb, there was no welcome. The holy child in Mary was shunned and ridiculed. He, the source of isolation, lonely. She washed her clothes and drew her water from the well…..alone.She slept cooked and ate…alone. They were cursed. A lonely difficult journey to birth her son, in a stable, no space for them, no welcome.

Yet, not all is lost.
The sky filled with angels singing of the birth,
Shepherds marveled, came …and worshiped. Poor dirty men.

“ We three kings of Orient are”…. Worshiping. Rich titled men

As Jesus cares for my soul, He cares for me when I have no room for Him.

I don’t even know it….but I see it has happened.

“Jesus loves me this I know, I am weak, but He is strong.”








No Room for Jesus – Part 2

by Nick Laninga


Think what is missed by the unsaved with “no room for Jesus”-  That inn-keeper missed a tremendous, one time only blessing. But think of the blessings missed by people today who refuse to make room for Jesus in their lives. Those who fail to repent and by faith receive him as Savior miss being forgiven of their sins; they miss giving glory to God and having a sense of purpose and fulfillment ; they miss his grace, and they miss heaven when they die, and go instead to an eternal hell. What about those who believe and are saved but are distracted being so busy here and there that they don’t make room for Jesus in their daily lives, they also miss out on great blessings. They miss out on a sense of His presence, and an inward peace which is only present in the lives of those who live by His standards, and who unashamedly take a firm stand and make “room for Jesus.”

In a 1966 Guideposts magazine, Dina Donahue, tells the following story. She said whenever Christmas pageants are talked about in a certain little Midwestern town, someone is sure to mention the name of Wally Purling. She said Wally’s performance in that little town’s annual performance of the Nativity play has become legend, and that the old-timers who had been in the audience that night never tired of recalling exactly what happened. Wally was nine that year and in the second grade, though he should have been in the fourth—but Wally was slow and had difficulty keeping up. He was big and rather clumsy, too, but he was well liked by the other children in his class, all of whom were smaller than he. Even though they liked him, it irritated them when Wally wanted to play ball with them they would usually find a way to keep him out. Wally would hang around anyway, though—not sulking just hoping, always with a smile. Wally had his heart on being a shepherd with a flute in the Christmas pageant that year. However, the play’s director, felt that she needed to give Wally a part with not too many lines to learn, so she told him that she was giving him an important role—that of the innkeeper. She felt his size would lend forcefulness to his refusal of a room to Joseph. A huge crowd gathered that night to see all of the children in their costumes and the props. No one was more caught up in the moment of that night than Wally. When the time came for Joseph to appear tenderly guiding Mary to the door of the inn. He knocked on the door and Wally the innkeeper responded as told and said brusquely “What do you want? Joseph answered “we seek lodging”. Looking straight ahead Wally spoke awkwardly and said “seek it elsewhere. The inn is filled.” Joseph said but “sir we have traveled far and are weary and my wife is heavy with child and is so tired.”

At that point, for the first time the innkeeper, Wally, relaxed his stiff stance and looked down at Mary. There was a long pause—long enough to make the audience tense with embarrassment. The prompter whispered from the wings, “No! Begone!” Stiffly Wally repeated “Begone.”

Joseph sadly placed his arms around Mary, she placed her head on his shoulder and the two started to move away. But Wally the innkeeper didn’t follow the script at that point. He didn’t go back inside his inn. Rather he stood in the doorway watching the forlorn couple. His mouth open, his brow furrowed with concern, and there were TEARS in his eyes. And suddenly that Christmas pageant became different from all the others. Wally called out, “Don’t go, Joseph! Bring Mary back!” And as a big smile creased his face, Wally said, “YOU CAN HAVE MY ROOM.”

The question for all of us is “Have you made ROOM FOR JESUS in your heart. There is room at the cross for you.

Please listen to “Thou didst leave Thy Throne” make this your song!      Credits from. E.S. Elliot, D.Donahue , Paul E. Brown, Major Daniel Wittle & Molly Ijames.

Blessings the Laninga’s

No Room

by Steve Joostens



Luke 5 & Matthew 27, Luke 2:7b

We are approaching the birth of Christ in Christmas. We can read about it from the decree of Caesar and trace it all the way to the fullness of time, moving to the little town of Bethlehem and to the circumstances leading up to the birth of Christ. The very situations and circumstances that were DESIGNED by God Himself! We must see this very fact as there is NO room for Him in the earth.

We are so often picturing the birth of Christ in our minds with many curiosities and questions that we have. We see many manger scenes carefully decorated this time of year…yet scripture steers us away from our carnalities to the spiritual! Bethlehem was “bursting at the seams” with many converging in on the little town and there was no room. And though there are many embellishments with the story they are not scripture! There was NO room! We learn about the guest chamber but the point is that God in the Son made Himself of no account…humbled Himself in His birth, and was made of no reputation, even as there was no room and place for the Lord of Lords to be found…even in the lineage of David mind you!

Why is there no place for Him? Who was being born? It was God who was coming to Bethlehem in His beloved Son and there is no place. The heir of ALL things comes and yet finds no place among the world HE made and created and not even among His very own….NO place for Him! How many times do you not read of those who reject Christ? Those who thrust Him out of the city and those who sought to kill Him?! They see the King yet say “we have no king but Caesar.” God visits in Christ and there is still no room for Him and it is still the same today even in your and my heart! There is no place for Him today! Even the church world today tries to make room for the world in the holiday. Man does not want Christ! They like the little baby in the manger, but start to talk about that baby being the Son of God and very God himself and see what happens. And if Christ came today it would be no different than before. Yes, even in a church world that no longer wants to talk about sin today. We aren’t that crazy about talking about it ourselves either as it is easier to talk about just a “loving God!” When we understand there was and is no room for the Son of God who comes for a world that doesn’t want Him then we begin to understand.

He conceives Himself to be born for a people who don’t want Him. For those who make no room for Him. He makes Himself room in our hearts where He was not wanted. He came where He was not appreciated. He gives a place to Himself in our hearts, giving us at the same time a grand place in glory and giving us His grace even though we reject and do not want Him either!


That we may have glory and the inheritance with Him forevermore.

Blessed be the Lord!