Making Room: To Open Our Hearts



by Noa Lovegren


Do you look forward to the Lord’s return? Deep down I do look forward to Christ’s return. But sometimes when I think about it, I don’t really want it to happen now because first I want to grow up, get married, and have kids.

These things aren’t wrong to desire, but really, they can quickly change into idols when they become more important to me than God. We can easily find the things of our lives more important than thanking God, or “making room for” Him.

The Bible says, “What is man, that [God] should be mindful of him?” What are we? We are often inconsiderate and unthankful, and so full of ourselves and our plans that we can’t find space for God — we often don’t even think about Him. And yet, God doesn’t just think about us….He gave His life for us. He certainly deserves our thoughts. But we are so caught up with ourselves and lives, that instead of being thankful, we complain and don’t have room for Him.

But, this is exactly why we can thank God. He makes room in our hearts. He gives us the grace daily to open His Word, and the time to pray. He sends people into our lives to open our eyes to the truth of our self-centeredness. We get to hear the Word preached faithfully every Sunday to help us think more about Him.

So, how can we make room? We can be thankful. We can obey Him. We can also pray, knowing we can never “make room” sufficiently, and humbly ask for God’s grace, that He would open our hearts and give us room for Jesus.