Names of God: Mediator

Name of God: Mediator
by Casie Rodenberger

I Timothy 2:5­
For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus . . .

If law school has taught me anything, it’s that lawyers like to argue (or debate, consider, theorize, discuss, etc.). Ask a lawyer a question and you’re likely to get three answers or one long one. Armed with statutes and case law, lawyers are prepared to wage a verbal legal battle both against opposing counsel and a well-meaning friend who had the great misfortune to ask one small question.

This tendency of lawyers is well suited to our legal system, as it is purposefully adversarial. The adversarial system ensures a type of fairness that may be otherwise unattainable. Even if a lawyer never sees the inside of a courtroom, they work within a legal framework that is designed to respond to this adversarial system. But is the adversarial system of me vs. you really the only way to resolve a disagreement? Especially if the me vs. you, is really me vs. God?

Despite decades of Law and Order reruns trying to tell us otherwise, there are other ways to resolve legal issues then just inside the courtroom. Just as we are told there is another way to come before God with our spiritual “legal” issues. We are told that there is a mediator that stands between us and God. A mediator is “one that works to effect reconciliation, settlement, or compromise between parties at variance” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Mediation can be a difficult thing, especially when I am prepared to argue my case to the fullest. Mediation is not about arguing to win or lose, it is about finding balance. It requires more than just my best argument, it entails cooperation and understanding. It requires that I think beyond my own wants and needs to work with the other person.

Jesus is our mediator. He is the bridge between us and God. A go-between to ensure that there is neither a winner or a loser but rather an improved relationship between us and our Father. While it requires giving up the arguing, by placing our trust in Jesus he can help us find reconciliation with God. A feat that is impossible if we only approach our relationship with God in an adversarial way.


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