Names of God: The Second Adam

The Second Adam — 1 Corinthians 15:47
by Pastor Jack Matheis
Paul is using the term the Second Adam in the context of writing about the resurrection at the end of time. Paul sees the first Adam’s origin as from the earth, made of dust, the earthly man. We as Adam’s line  are creatures of the earth. The second Adam is in sharp contrast to the first, he is out of Heaven, the heavenly man.
Paul sees the first Adam in a fallen world a world of death. Christ Jesus the second Adam is from the spiritual reality of heaven, not of death but life, spiritual life. He is witness to that reality , to spiritual life. Death awaits those of the earth, both temporal and eternal death the fruit of the first Adams rebellion against the creator. Heb. 4:27
As the second Adam Christ is the source of life, spiritual eternal life, for fallen earthly man. By faith in Christ, the second Adam, through his saving work on the cross, earthly man can gain a heavenly stature.
As Paul writes in Rom. 6 “we are dead to sin and alive in Christ”. He goes on  to say, “baptized into Christ we are baptized into his death in order that just as Christ was raised to life through the glory of the Father, we too have been raised to life –the heavenly life, the life of Christ. Paul goes on to point out that our self has been put to death with Christ and we share in his heavenly life as we live in him. Thus we are alive to God.
In simple language we are on the same page with God our heavenly Father in Christ Jesus. Consequently we are focused on the final resurrection when all that is of the fallen creation will be done away with and with our resurrected bodies we will dwell on the new creation under the loving rule of the second Adam our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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