Names of Jesus: Mighty God

Jesus as “Mighty God”
by Pastor Bert Hitchcock

As Isaiah prophesied the coming of the Messiah Jesus (in Isaiah 9:6), he identified him by
means of four names: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, and Prince of

But, undoubtedly, the most interesting of those titles is “Mighty God”. For, the Hebrew
word translated “Mighty” has a different meaning than our English word. It most simply
means “Hero”. So “Mighty God” would accurately be translated, “An Heroic God” or
“A God of a Hero”.

Since childhood we have picked up heroes – some real, some imagined – but too often
they are unworthy to be heroes.
Some are over-paid, self-centered, single-talent sports figures.
Some are angry, out-of-control, exhibitionist rock singers.
Some are politically-correct Disney creations.

But Jesus is the Hero worthy of the title! He is not a wimp in a white dress, as he is often
portrayed. But neither is he the latest, fantasy action hero.

-Jesus is a strong, uncompromising, man of principle, who loves truth, justice and
-He is a man self-controlled and fearless enough to stand up against evil authorities –
unafraid of the ruthless Pilate or the gutless Herod.
-He is a man with incomparable inner strength and integrity.
-But at the same time, He is boldly compassionate and unashamed to be tender.
-He delights in children; shows mercy to the fallen; cares about the broken-hearted;
identifies with the weak; and touches the outcast and diseased.

Jesus is the God-Man Hero, and He came to make us like Himself – which, after all, is
what heroes always do!


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