Anticipating Advent 2016


Advent’s the poetry.  Advent’s the strange deeds that led up to the Great Deed.  Advent is the power of the mystery that from the beginning stretches through the immortality of Elijah straight out into time, into Transfiguration, into Easter.  Advent is all these things.

Ultimately, Advent is the grand narrative.  It’s the one that makes us Christian.  It’s the one that ties it all together.  This is what we wait for.  This is what comes.  Amen.
~Phyllis Tickle


For a fifth year in a row, Wiser Lake Chapel folks will be sharing here the anticipation we all feel as we prepare our church body, our homes and our hearts for Christmas.  The first Sunday in Advent is November 27th so please consider this a call for writings to be posted here beginning that day, averaging 150-200 words each.

This year the theme is “Anticipating Advent” — share a special Bible verse that helps you prepare for Christmas, perhaps an Old Testament prophecy, or a hymn or carol that is meaningful to you, or a poem or quote or a story from your own life.  Please let me know you want to reserve one of the 29 days of Advent and send your writing to






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