Listening Through Lent: Master, The Tempest is Raging


Depoe Bay, Oregon from the Laningas

As a child growing up in the the Netherlands [think below sea level] one of my fond memories was mom singing the songs of Jesus with us out of the Johannes de Heer song book. Our favorite from that book was number 213 “SCHEEPKE ONDER JEZUS HOEDE” translated “ Little ship under Jesus care.”

I will not write the verses in Dutch but here is a rough translation. Please listen to the song from the link below:

Little ship under Jesus care, with the cross flag flying high,

Take the ark of salvation; all who are in need distressed.

Poor sinner see the cross flag, blowing in life’s ocean storms

Wait, and know the Lord is in the boat; come, take His rest, His salvation!

Chorus. Than raise a song to God on high; filled with praise and thanks,

We have Fathers Son on board! And a safe harbor in view!

A poem by Amy Carmichael says it so well.

“Thou art the Lord who slept upon the pillow, Thou art the Lord who soothed the furious sea.

What matters beating wind and tossing billows, if only we are in the boat with Thee?

Hold us quiet through the age-long minute, while Thou art silent and the wind is shrill:

Can the boat sink while Thou dear Lord are in it; Can the heart faint that waiteth on Thy will?”


This song brought much comfort to us as a family in the continuing storms of life.

“Dad” as our son Nico bursts into our room in Chengdu China. “You won’t believe what just happened.” A jet plane just crashed into one of the twin towers in New York! As we turned on the T.V. the second plane hit! You all know the rest of that storm. However God continued to speak to us through His word and through others. Our morning devotion that day from “TABLETALK “ was from the Book of Judges how people fled to a wooden tower in Shechem and all perished as the tower was burned down. Our Text for that day was PROVERBS 18:10. “THE NAME OF THE LORD IS A STRONG TOWER AND THE RIGHTEOUS RUN TO IT AND ARE SAFE.”

Several days later at the U.S. Embassy in Quanzhou the adoption papers for our new granddaughter were finalized. We saw a Chinese Christian church across the way and joined our family in Christ that Sunday for worship in Mandarin. The choir got up to sing their offering of special music.”Peace be still” in Chinese. We softly sang along in English.

Master the tempest is raging! The billows are tossing high. The sky is o’er shadowed with blackness,

No shelter or help is nigh. Carest Thou not that we perish how canst Thou lie asleep,

When each moment so madly is threatening a grave in the angry deep?

Master the terror is over, the elements sweetly rest; Earth sun in the calm lake is mirrored

And heavens within my breast; linger o blessed Redeemer! Leave me alone no more; and with joy I shall make the blest harbor and rest on the blissful shore.


The wind and the waves shall obey Thy will, Peace, be still! Whether the wrath of the storm

Tossed sea, or demons or men or whatever it be. No water can swallow the ship where lies the Master of ocean and earth and skies!!

They all shall sweetly obey Thy will. Peace, be still! Peace be still!

Peace, Peace, be still.


 ~The Laningas



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