Search for a Comforter

Your rebuke has broken my heart;
and I am full of heaviness:
and I looked for some to take pity,
but there was none; and for comforters,
but I found none. Psalm 69:20

As humans, we all have, and all will experience moments that bring us face to face with our sinful condition.  Perhaps we will have done something that directly hurts others; perhaps we will have committed a sin in our hearts, invisible to others, but plain to God.  Perhaps we will have failed to live up to our own personal standards of thought, word or deed.

These are uncomfortable moments, as they remind us how weak and desperate we really are.  Such moments can be incredibly isolating: we strain under the weight of our burden and want nothing more than for our friends or family to justify us, somehow.  We long to hear that we were right in our wrongdoing; we long to hear that we were the victim and not the perpetrator; we long to hear that we are still loved regardless of what we have done.
The facts:
-Sin can only ever be called sin.  To call sin anything else is to negate the Holiness and Goodness of God.
-Sin’s grip is vice-like, but “the devil made me do it” is a lame excuse.
-We are loved, regardless of our sin, and beyond our human reckoning.
We cannot hope to find the assurance of this infinite and unconditional love with our friends and family.  After all, they struggle under the weight of sin just as we do, and their love can no more cover our sins than our love can cover theirs.
Ah, but we need not lose hope!
In Jesus Christ, we find true justification: not the type that dismisses our sins as trivial, but the type that carries them to the cross that we might be made blameless.
In Jesus Christ, we find true freedom: sin’s arm is broken and our hearts are prepared for the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.
In Jesus Christ, we find unconditional love: a love whose heights exceed the depths of our wickedness.
David’s despairing search for a comforter in this passage can be discouraging to read out of context, but through the lens of Christ, we become aware of an amazing truth:
It is in these uncomfortable moments of heaviness, weighed down by our sin, that we can truly appreciate the vastness of God’s love for us.
When we are tempted to despair at our own brokenness, let us instead rejoice at the boundless love of our Savior!
~Nate Gibson

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