Many Hats

And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6b

Teaching in a Christian school community means wearing many different hats.  I wear one “hat” as Mr. Gibson, humanities teacher.  I wear another “hat” as Mr. Gibson, yearbook staff adviser.  Still another, anytime I coach a co-curricular activity, and yet another as a colleague.  For several years, I also wore a youth leader “hat” as I helped out with the local Middle School youth group.  These, of course, are all different from the “hats” I wear as a husband, or as a son, or brother, or friend.  This isn’t to say I fundamentally change who I am depending on the situation, but the responsibilities of each role are different; what is required of me is different.


Because I’m only human, the more hats I wear, the thinner I am spread.  I know I can never perfectly wear every single hat.  Wearing so many different hats gives me a much greater appreciation for who Christ is.  He succeeds where I come up short.  He is the perfect counselor; perfect in power; perfect in His steadfast, unwavering love for us; perfect in His reign over us.  Christ came to rule and He came to serve; He came to teach and He came to obey the will of His Father; He came to encourage the oppressed and He came to correct the oppressors.  Depending on the situation He found Himself in, He wore more hats than I could possibly imagine.  And He wore them all with perfection; He met the needs of all and nowhere is this more obvious than in His death on the cross.


This ancient promise was not merely about the coming of a prince, but the coming of The Prince, the multi-dimensional ruler who will fill our deepest needs and the most desperate aching of our hearts.  Today, may we truly reflect on and appreciate every “hat” that Jesus Christ wore, and rejoice in the fact that He wore each one to perfection!



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