A Point of Pardoning

Speak comfort to Jerusalem, and cry out to her,
that her warfare is ended,
that her iniquity is pardoned;

Isaiah 40:2

As parents, there are times we must speak harsh truth to wayward children we love more than life itself, sometimes through our own tears and sadness.  Then comes reconciliation as kind and loving words bind up broken hearts, theirs and our own.

Jerusalem and her people had turned away from the Father; the city had suffered through conquest and exile, her sins condemned by God through the exhortations of the prophet Isaiah.   Now time had come for consolation and healing and this passage describes that pivot point when the conflict is over, the guilty pardoned and taken back into the arms of a loving Father.

So too a pivot point when Jesus gazes at Jerusalem through His tears as He rode into the city the final week of His life.  He spoke words of compassion for the people who were about to turn against Him, oblivious to the Savior in their midst.  He knows He will suffer at their hands and,  only possible through His death, purchase their pardon.

There is no greater solace than knowing our debts are paid in full, not through any effort of our own, as undeserving as wayward children can be.  He seals our pardon with His tears.
~E Gibson


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