Bringing Solace to All

Thank you to all the Chapel folk who participated in sharing a special carol or hymn during this Advent season.  Here is the last of the series from Nick Wonder who introduced us to this Ukrainian carol last night during our Christmas Eve service.

Stay tuned for another Lenten series of reflections to begin in late February, just around the corner!


Boh Predvichny   [Romanized version of Cyrillic original]

Boh Predvichny narodyvsia.

(2x) Pryishov dnes’ iz nebes,

Shchob spasty liud sviy ves’

I utishyvsia.


V Vyfleyemi narodyvsia

(2x) Mesiya, Khrystos nash

I Pan nash dlia vsikh nas

Nam narodyvsia.


“Slava Bohu!” zaspivaymo!

(2x) Chest’ Synu Bozhomu

I Panu nashomu

Poklin’ viddaymo.


Anonymous English translation:

The Pre-Eternal God

The pre-eternal God is born!

(2x) He has come today from Heaven

To save all His people

And to bring solace to all


In Bethlehem is born

(2x) The Messiah, Christ our God;

For all of us

He is born.


“Glory to God,” we all sing;

(2x) Honor we render to God’s Son,

And before our Savior

We bow down.



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