Unworthy and Chosen

Corelli’s Christmas Concerto transports me back to orchestra in high school.  We had two virtuoso violinists in our group.  The two of them alternated being the soloists for our performances.  It didn’t matter the piece, they always executed their parts perfectly.  They were perfect violinists.

When it came time for our director to assign parts for the Christmas Concerto, he selected two others to be the soloists – a classmate of mine, Marissa, and myself.  This had to be some mistake, or worse yet, a joke.  Shock and confusion rumbled through our group of teenage musicians.

Marissa and I were just average.  We weren’t special at all.  We certainly weren’t perfect.  No matter how much we practiced, we would never be good enough.

All these years later, when I hear the two violins playing, I sit back and listen.  I still get uneasy and nervous.  For while we were unworthy, we were chosen.

~Nicole Moore

Christmas Concerto


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