No Darkness Too Deep

If we confess our sins to Him, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from every wrong.
John 1:9 

When we read this verse we have to take the time to prayerfully search our hearts and to be known by God.  Easter is approaching and we need to be honest in our hearts as we prepare for His death.  We may not hide our honesty but let our pleasure in the Lord show.
We cannot remain in the dark when we think how God’s Son suffered and died for us. In His death there was no darkness too deep for God to bear the burden of Jesus’ death.  Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross
was one of the darkest and deepest times in darkness.
In the depth of His love for us we have to remember there is no depth of darkness so deep that we should sink into despair, but just remember that the Lord is on our side.   We have to remember that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit  are always there and we will never be out of reach of the love and mercy of the Lord.
His Death and resurrection  and the love of the Son helps us see that God is truly Almighty.  In this season of Lent may our hearts shine brightly inside of all of us.
~Marilynn Ver Steeg

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