Morning Prayer

O Lord,
in the morning you hear my voice;
in the morning I plead my case to you,
and watch.

Psalm 5:3

I’m not sure everyone feels this way but I find I need to muster up a fair amount of courage to face each day.   Maybe it is my introversion and shyness, or the unpredictable demands of my work, or that I’m a wimp when it comes to taking on new challenges.   Morning can become a time of fear and trembling fighting with a powerful urge to crawl back under the covers and hide.

My only solution is to allow at least three hours between getting out of bed and my arrival at work.  That is the time it takes to plead my case, to find words to express my gratitude, to be girded by scripture for the unknown, and sit back and listen and watch for what the Lord is saying.

I see the rising sun with a building anticipation for the gift of a new day.

My voice is heard, tentative as it may be most morninga, in the name of the rising Son.
~E. Gibson

The morning prayer determines the day.  Squandered time of which we are ashamed, temptations to which we succumb, weaknesses and lack of courage in work, disorganization and lack of discipline in our thoughts and in our conversation… all have their origin most often in the neglect of morning prayer.
~Dietrich Bonhoeffer


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