Christ Comes to Us to Bring God’s Glory

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.”
John 1:14
In the old testament, when God revealed himself to people to speak to them, far and away, the most common response was fear. Many view angels today as a cute little cherubs, or golden-haired girly-men. However scripture shows us over and over angels declaring to people, “Fear not!” Obviously their glory was terrifying.
When God revealed himself to the people of Israel to give them the law, the people were afraid and demanded that Moses go up and speak to God for them.
What becomes clear from reading the old testament is that for humans encountering God’s glory didn’t arouse fluffy feelings, but dread and terror.
 Jesus changed all that. He condescended to our level, so that we could know him intimately. He sat and walked and ate for three years with 12 ordinary men and made the glory of the father know to us. He did away with the horror of God’s glory by taking the wrath that we deserve and defeating death.
Jesus came to take our fear and our death and usher us into relationship with him and his Father.
As the fictitious demon in C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters describes to another demon:
“What is blinding, suffocating fire to you, is now cool light to him, is clarity itself, and wears the form of a Man.”
~ Jim Randall

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