Christ Comes to Us to Destroy the Works of the Devil

To Emancipate

“…the reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil.” I John 3:8

There seems to be a general consensus: something is amiss with the universe. Some attribute the presence of evil to something independent of our human race, for we must be naturally well intentioned, mustn’t we?

Another will admit, “I have something to do with things being awry. There is something wrong in the world because there is something wrong with me.”

The truth is, we’ve been infiltrated. Evil did come into our world as “something new” in the days when God said all was complete, and declared us “very good” (Gen. 1:31). What’s more, we didn’t turn away from evil. We accepted what it offered us, thinking that perhaps we also might be like God. Little did the parents of our race know at that time, the offer was a curse. We had been sold into slavery and all the succession of human history became a narrative of bondage and death. We dwell in the dominion of darkness. We are shadowed by the works of the devil; enslaved to him in death.

Into this world of slavery, one man was born, a man who owed no debt of bondage to the devil: Christ. He came not only as God, but also as a man (like us!), that he might defeat the devil at his own game (Hebrews 2:14,15). And in coming to defeat death, he came as our emancipator, for to destroy the work of Satan is to set captives free.

Christ came to emancipate you.
~Breanna Randall

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