Everything That Has Breath

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.   Praise the LORD!
Psalm 150: 6  

As living creatures, with breath, we are commanded to praise the LORD!
WHEN do I praise the LORD?

Only on Sunday?

Only when something “good” happens in life?

Only during my devotional time?

Only at dawn, like the birds?

Or like Paul, who reminds us to “pray (praise) constantly”?

HOW do I praise God?

Only with the spoken / written word?

With song: voice and instruments?

With my actions?

WHY do I Praise the LORD?

Because He has blessed me richly.

Because He has designed and created a beautiful earth for us to enjoy.

Because He is just and merciful.

Because He is righteous.

Because of His steadfast love for His people.

Because He is faithful and true to His promises.

Because He is Holy!

Because He is LORD of Lords and KING of Kings!

Let everything that has breath PRAISE the LORD!

~Pam Herbert


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