The Promise

Psalm 119:50–My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.

In our modern society the word “comfort” brings to mind a pursuit of leisure and luxury but the psalmist is talking about something quite different in this verse.  Comfort implied here means an intensive force that strengthens–literally a fortification of life in a time of trouble.  Like us, the psalmist lived in very troubled times.

The Promise was not born that night into comfortable circumstances in our modern sense,  but was delivered in a dark, smelly shelter meant for animals, hardly a place of comfort for parents or newborn baby.   The Delivered would become Deliverer, an enduring life preserver, assuming a human life Himself so that we might be rescued through His humility and willingness to become sacrifice for us.

Jesus’ birth fulfills the Promise of His (and our) Heavenly Father as spoken by the prophets and written in His Word, as we will explore each day of Advent this month.

~E. Gibson

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