Look around and see. Is any suffering like my suffering that was inflicted on me?
Lamentations 1:12

It seems there is plenty to lament these days.
Unending tragedy and sadness, heartbreak and inner turmoil.
I was told by someone today that I couldn’t possibly understand the pain he was experiencing.
I could never know how much he sought the relief that only death could bring.

Sometimes we are so deep in our suffering we do not look around to see that another died in his suffering.
No suffering was like his suffering.
Suffered, died, then buried.
Suffered, died, buried, then sealed up securely.
Suffered, died, buried, sealed up securely, then rose bringing all the relief we’ll ever need.
Suffered, died, buried, sealed up securely, rose, calling out our name so we when look around and see,

We will know him and what he has done.