On His Shoulders

For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.
Isaiah 9:6

Much faith, hope and trust has been placed in governments through the centuries, whether ruled by kings and queens, presidents or prime ministers, emperors or premiers. There is a longing of the people to serve and be served by the good will of leaders looking out for the people’s best interest.   Rarely does the reality match the hoped-for dream.

Governments recently have been taking some hard hits.  Bankrupt European countries hope for assistance from their neighbors and allies.  Within the last year, Egypt and Libya lost leaders to the will of the people sustained by sheer numbers and media influence.  Similar opposition has risen up in other Middle East and North African countries.   A divisive  election=year U.S. argues on about the issues of individual vs. states’ rights in response to federal dictates.

No government has the power to sustain the people forever as there will always come ever greater challenges, more immense tragedies, leaner economics, never ending dissent, and flawed human leaders.

So the concept of the gift of a child bearing the government on his shoulders seems truly ludicrous.  If the strongest government can’t last despite wealth and power and might, how can it be borne up by one individual?

Because there is nothing stronger than love.  And never will be again.

Forever more.


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